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Discover recommended products that Natasha uses for her daily routine. From skin rejuvenation to food allergy testing, improve your day with renewing treatments for your body. 

The Far Infrared Therapy in the Relax Sauna is one of Natasha’s favorite ways to naturally and gently detox. Some of the personal ways Natasha has seen the Relax Sauna improve her day-to-day are muscle soreness, reduction in inflammation, and improved circulation. It truly is the answer to anyone looking for a simple and relaxing way to bring more energy and wellness into their daily routine.

Relieves Pain & Inflammation

Detoxifying & Rejuvenating



Weight Loss

Lowers Blood Pressure

Increases Circulation

Improves Wound Healing

far infrared therapy relax sauna
Not limited to but the main ways the Relax Sauna can improve your health:
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