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Natasha Weninger-Ziebell Lifestyle

Lifestyle Coaching

Live and love your lifestyle through...

Coaching Zoom sessions and retreats that will teach you to love your body and optimize your lifestyle. 
Sessions are available online and/or in-person.

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TEENAGE BODY: Confidence Coaching

Enroll your teen with confidence after you and Natasha have an Introductory call to see if she and your teen are the right match. With years of experience of overcoming her own life-long struggles that started when she was 12 years old she has also spent 15 years in the health and wellness industry training and coaching women of all ages. 


Natasha believes that beauty must be an integrated approach. The mind, body, and heart need to be in harmony for true BODYLOVE to exist.

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Natasha will share her struggles around her past food drama with the intention that it will help you to reflect on where you might be facing your own drama with food. This course is for anyone who is confused about what to eat for optimal wellness and who is longing to make peace with their food choices.


Spend an afternoon or evening with your friends cultivating a deeper connection to self-love. Natasha will get you out of your mind and into your heart and body. She will lead you in a BODYLOVE workout and meditation. You will drink green juice and eat delicious snacks while she teaches you how to improve your relationship with your body-image, how to find more joy in food without guilt, and how to exercise with no pressure. Learn how to use your journal as a powerful tool to stop negative thinking in the moment. Leave feeling empowered to practice a BODYLOVE lifestyle.

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I'm here for you!

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Natasha Weninger-Ziebell
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Discover recommended products that Natasha uses for her daily routine.

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Cancellation Policy

Reschedule/Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice required to cancel or reschedule appointments or the full fee will be charged. If you do not show up for an appointment, full fee will be charged. If you have a package and do not give a minimum 24 hour reschedule notice, session will be recorded to your account.

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