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Self-worth and BodyLove are not attributes most people possess

There is always the push to be richer, prettier, stronger, or something-er to prove personal value to the world.

My upcoming novel, The Voice Inside, will introduce readers to a collection of my personal stories of struggle with food, diet, exercise, body dysmorphia, and body perfection that almost destroyed me. Yet this Inner Voice that was my "Mean Girl" ultimately became my teacher.

This book will help readers learn to view their body in a new way and to access their own highest potential through body positivity.

Marble Surface

In this book, you will discover Natasha's "inner" workouts that will help you:

Learn to walk an authentic BodyLove path

Eat for joy
Workout for wellness

Silence your personal Mean Girl (everyone has one)

Explore healthy motivation

Meet goals with room to play

Secure healthy boundaries that start with the body

Love everything the body is and the body is NOT

Know that you are enough

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