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Natasha BodyLove My Story


I want to help women transform their relationships with food, exercise, and their body as I have learned to do. I spent too much time worrying about how I looked, what food I ate or didn't, and how much I needed to work out. It was exhausting!

Why did I create BodyLove?

My own journey has not been easy. I spent time as a bodybuilder, a personal trainer, and a figure competitor constantly seeking physical perfection, leaving very little room for self-love. I thought I could hide my body image insecurities behind a "flawless" physical armor, but deep down I knew this was not the path to happiness and that if I didn’t shift this way of being it would be detrimental to my health and wellbeing.


I needed to experience the freedom of just loving my body at any size or shape.

I began the hard work of soul searching and self-exploration that helped me make the shift to loving my own unique and beautiful body in all its forms. I am excited to share this wisdom with other women that they may also be transformed.

Marble Surface

A Poem

There she was just lying there. Innocent, gentle, loving, compassionate, open-hearted, just waiting to be enough.

She must have been scared all those years, lost, with no one to love her. Waiting for her to come back. Just waiting with love. Day by day she lay there waiting, being patient knowing She would come back.

The day turned into months, and months became years, until one day I found her lying there, being simply enough.


Your unconditional love led me back to you.

Today I know she is special and simply enough.

So BodyLove was born
I'm here for you!

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Natasha Weninger-Ziebell
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