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Natasha Weninger-Ziebell

Ready to learn?
How to live, eat, move, & more for


Welcome! I'm Natasha Weninger-Ziebell

Through empowering consultation and positive training, I can help you discover your optimized body workout through self-love.

Our Services

Designed to get you feeling healthy and centered, I'll be
re-introducing the fun and joy to eating and physical movement, while also teaching you how to overcome body-image drama.

Whether you are a hardcore athlete looking for lifestyle coaching, or a beginner looking for new workout courses, BodyLove will tailor a plan just for you.

Within every woman is a goddess.
Let us guide you on the journey to find yours today.


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One-on-one coaching sessions that improve performance & self-image.

Personalized sessions that will offer you the tools to discover self-love & wellness.

Coaching sessions & retreats that will teach you to love your body and optimize
your lifestyle.

Monthly group coaching call that will shed light on many topics pertaining

to the body.

My Experience

I’m a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, public speaker, former bodybuilder, and an upcoming author with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. My mission is to empower women to feel at home in their bodies. If you are exhausted from hating your body and you want to feel more peace from the inside out, I will teach you how to get there.

 My own journey has not been easy.

Hear my story on how I created BodyLove.

Natasha Weninger-Ziebell Workout
Discover BodyLove
BodyLove Testimonials Johnny G
I have worked with and have been inspired by Natasha over the past few years.
"Traveling globally, I have been exposed to the best trainers, healers, fitness professionals, and some inspiring human beings. I am excited to know that Natasha is going to mentor and share her knowledge and experience through her body love system.
The concept and embodiment of body love is an extension of who Natasha is and who you can be.
It takes passion and commitment to change yourself – it's a blessing to have someone like Natasha navigating you through the journey of transformation."
- JOHNNY G, South African cyclist and inventor of Spinning®
I'm here for you!

Want to chat before booking?
Schedule a call with me!

Looking for products that will love your body?

Discover recommended products that Natasha uses for her daily routine.

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