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Overcome Your Inner Mean Girl

A six-week webinar series on achieving self-love and happiness.

Are you sick of self-doubt, comparisons, and not feeling good enough?

Are you exhausted from trying to live a life that others will approve of?

Do you want to have more peace inside your own skin and more freedom from that voice inside?

If you said YES, you might need to look closer at who and what

your Mean Girl is and what she is telling you.

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Meet Your Facilitator: Natasha,
Founder & CEO of BodyLove

My mission is to empower women to feel at home in their bodies. 


A former bodybuilder with over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, my own journey in healing and self-love has not been easy.

Hear my story on how I created BodyLove.

In this 6-week webinar...

You will get very intimate with your own inner "mean girl" and how she prevents you from living your truest self. 


We will look at the ways you suffer from your inner mean girl's voice and how to take that pain as use it as your power to transform where you are stuck. Food, exercise, and body image can all play a role in how we control ourselves in an attempt to

fix what’s wrong.


It doesn’t just stop there – we all have a way of hiding from our own truth. Maybe it’s relationships, finances, shopping, work, sex, alcohol, etc. 

Image by Xuan Nguyen

Start Date:

November 3 through December 8

Wednesdays at 5:30 PST

Weekly 60-min Zoom sessions

Group is open to 15 spots

I'm here for you!

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